Saturday, March 5, 2011


I remember years ago discussing the plummetting standards of British school examinations with an acquaintance and both of us agreed that it worked on a principle that all the wee children may as well have their "piece of paper qualifications" since there were no more jobs anymore at the end of study anyway.

Seven years later and the industrial abuse of internships represents one of the most destructive social changes in British social history since the Great War. That is not to even begin to consider the fact that so many career change opportunities for people in their thirties and forties are now logjammed because of this exact phenomena too.

Earlier this week in turn I told several work colleagues about one particular Westminster-orientated website offering wonderfully interesting political research opportunities and the notable dearth of any work benefits approximating a salary. As one friend pithily noted in reply: "Compared to this it would actually be easier to engineer a career within politics by becoming an MP in the first place."

The sheer constancy of New Britain's three decade long pact with the forces of chaos and insanity truly never ceases to amaze.

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