Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free The People

One of the main British newspapers has a very active online careers forum. Always find it interesting to see how so many threads for careers and career changes terminate because of the lack of advice that is geared to practical adult realities of Western European life.

I remember one pissed off unemployed female arts graduate completely lost it with regard to feedback from the resident careers advisor which she regarded as "mumbo jumbo job speak tripe advice". I tended to agree in terms of given analysis of "networking" pathways since 40% of people who work in my current industry are apparently so clinically depressed that they can barely reply to a friendly e-mail these days for months on end.

During another online "Live Question and Answer" some older gentleman threw in the towel following the ubiquitous internship/volunteering recommendations with the adjoiner "I am not in a position to leave my wife, mortgage and children to come to London and work for nothing". Buy this man a pint.

As for advice to budding journalists to "start a blog" let's not go there. However talking of which, I remember in turn seeing a website advertising some School of Journalism in New London which boasted lecturers who allegedly had direct experience from national newspapers and television. This truly must be the equivalent of guitar lessons from Jimmy Page, blowjob advice from Linda Lovelace or art history seminars from Hermann Goering. The website also included a wee cheeky puff from the graduates themselves including one bold claim from a student that she apparently had managed to get one article published within three months of leaving. The risk analysis of that in the modern world of firestorm domestic outgoings needs no qualification.

So therefore Middle England has meekly accepted that younger generations will not have access to buying a house prior to the long overdue death of their bloody miserable parents, that third level education will be restricted to the denizens of the rich and the poor and that somehow positivity alone will pay dividends in finding work in a world without employment.

Stick Apocalypse Pension on top of that cunting stew, ratchet up another few decades of insidious legal tinkerings across the public and private sector of work - whose long-term societal fallout for the United Kingdom will probably make The Blitz look like the Festival of Britain - and looks like the only salvation for this country will be insourcing from the Third World since people here will work longer for less and with one very big fucking smile on their face.

Meanwhile in some other European countries I believe there are existent benefits relating to breast-feeding time that can be taken in lieu by the male partner. And it's not even frigging Scandinavia...

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