Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three Is The Magic Number

Despite our country being so strong and resilient enough to have weathered two world wars and a great depression, our national variants of conservatism, socialism and their bastard offspring since the mid-sixties would still have overwhelmed all quarters.

An article by A N Wilson pinpoints our irreversible national decline to lack of social mobility through the negation of educational selection, violent de-industrialisation and self-perpetuating dependency cultures. In turn it has always appeared self-evident that the trio of social factors underpinning the abject misery of modern British life are population movements of most obviously historic proportions, industrial internship abuse which is destroying mid to late-career progression for hundreds of thousands of middle-aged people and the ubiquitous property hyperinflation.

2011 has merely witnessed new hybrid offshoots of all the above with the mid-summer civil insurrections, science fiction rental outgoings discriminating further against the millions already locked out of the property market and the realisation for smug owners of appreciating properties in Southern England that their even smugger children will never earn an income.

Yesterday's announcement of government measures to ease the burden of first time buyers of course never touched upon the lose-lose logistics of hyperinflated property prices for individual buyers and broader British society alike. The steaming and pestilential swamp of the UK housing market merely to be peopled with a few thousand more wide-eyed and shell-shocked lost souls unable to gauge the lack of correlation between fantasy prices and long term income streams, realistic job security frameworks and natural human lifespans.

If this year has seen the final throw of capitalism's dice across the world, then Great Britain will surely be the last Casino of the Damned.

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