Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jimmy Savile And The End Of The British Century

And so this Year of our Lord 2012 draws to closure and the Year One Anno Savili nears.

A year when the Austerity Jubilee and Austerity Olympiad were overshadowed in the minds of good and worthy British yeomanry stock by the rancid spunk-rotting afterglow of Jimmy Jangles' descent into hell and the mainstream media's selective ambivalence over the recent Twilight Zone census figures. And of course with a Protestant primary school December intifada on the streets of Belfast to round off the Union Jack-enshrouded proceedings.

The year ahead in Britain no doubt promises more financial stagnation defying all laws of economic logic and a cost-risk analysis of future lifestyle projections that suggest British  life is almost certainly no longer worth living for anybody retaining residual shreds of ambition, self-respect, common sense, dignity or god forbid ego.

For all the struggles and hardships the British people have endured over the past century of war and economic hardship it would truly appear that the twin cultural revolutions this country has endured since 1979 have left us today in a state of blanket political stasis, economic insanity and social decay rarely witnessed in European history outside the remit of bitter warfare or national bankruptcy.

Alike the brief 51-year existence of the East German state, which was forged from fascist megalomania and whose population then subsequently laboured under an equally deranged communist power matrix, we now exist in a not-dissimilar ideological hybrid albeit with more cultural Marxism afoot to trap the unwary, less subtle state propaganda for the X Factor masses and a radically greater level of snooping upon public privacy than the Stasi could ever have mustered.

Merry Christmas and God bless us every one.

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